Monday, 6 March 2017


"This is not just a story. It is a gentle arm around the shoulder. It gets us off the hook, reassures us that there is still time, that surrender is possible even if it surrender to ourselves, that no matter how recklessly we bolt out into the unknown the journey home is a brief one. It lets us know that even when we become lost in the crazed volatility of what we think of as freedom, reaching the very edge of our won flat world, gazing petrified over the edge at the black expanse of own demise, we are but a change of hardened heart ways from the innocence of our beginnings, from peace.
Outward journeys are easy-essential if somewhat desperate assertions of our will and independence. After all, we have first to be filled with something for an inward journey to be possible. this story made me wonder just how far down the dangerous roads of our early adult lives does the pull of a simpler life begin to tug at our sleeves. When does the overbearing din of hollow seduction suddenly fall on deaf ears? When does an existence free of clutter prove more desirable than one of chaos?"

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