Thursday, 19 January 2017

When stories sound disconnected, just number them & turn them into lists.

1. She's normally running around backstage with her hair in a scrunchie, 
making sure all the men, musicians and singers are in their lines.

It's on the inside that counts.
Don't distract them with what's on the outside.

Today, She's in a two piece matching pant suit. 

She: How's it going?
Regular Everyday Self: It's happening. You?
She: Yeah, I'm hanging in there. Keeping it together with...
Regular Everyday Self: With dignity and class?
She: I was going to say with spanx and dental floss. 

2. Earlier in the year, after a few drinks,
She stopped by my end of the table as She was leaving: 'I know you'd be into this kind of stuff,' & slipped off the shoulder of her tee to discretely reveal the new moon & the old sun.  

3. She could dance all night, because She worked all year.

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