Friday, 2 September 2016

Him: There. That. Doesn't that feel good?

She: I'm not so into feelings.

If you want a man to ask you what you're thinking...


Wait to be asked & then maybe say nothing.


Him: That. Doesn't that feel good?

(They're rushing in the driver's seat.
He visited her regularly these past few days. They sat on her front porch.)

She: I've been waiting to be private with you all week...

He (fucking always interrupts): Dear, I've been waiting for you to be private with me since the first time we went out.  Why can't you tell me things? 

(When He says Dear, it sounds natural & endearing. Also, that is not what she meant by 'private'.) 

After a little midnight make-out.

Him:  What are you thinking?

She, sooner or later will probably have to speak, but reserves the right to drive him wild.

Him: It should be the other way around.

She, crinkles her brow as if to ask why.

Him: I'm the one who should be all mysterious. 

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