Tuesday, 5 July 2016

You listen. You think.

These thoughts about _______________ don't mean a thing.

Dancing with my self. I think everyone dances like this.  

A Course in Miracles.  Lesson 10:

"MY thoughts about Him, He, She, sexah, ____________ are meaningless."

Repeat 4-5 times a day after spending a silent moment scanning your thoughts.

The New Moon calls for a new Spiritual Practice.

Practice physically, mentally, but spiritually, what does that mean?


-Come swim with us. The river is ready.

-No I'm shy.

-Come On. We're all going to die young anyways. 


How do you exercise your spirit? OK let's just speak plainly, what exactly is a spiritual exercise?

When we exercise our body the main purpose is either to strengthen or restore our physical structure. Same can be said about our mind. We sodoku the shit out of our Sunday paper to keep our mind sharp, but the spirit- how do we keep our spirit sharp, shining & strengthened? 

How will we know if we're having a spiritual experience? 

How long 'til our soul gets it right? 


Photography By: Ryan Brabazon 

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