Wednesday, 6 July 2016



Talk to me

I want to be silent with you. some point.

I feel you, with all this space bw us. Imagine meeting up: I'm definitely gna b goosebumping. Let's keep building up the suspense. R u in the city these days?

Well put. Very grateful. You're not in the city for long?

the city & south america

ooh the suspense

How u feelin right about now?

I'm too afraid to really feel it.


Hey lets meet up one of these days: Friday night fam jam n chillin with friends, Saturday coaching swimming 9-5, Sunday interview w construction company 9am-12, Monday Dr. Appointment n camping at night till Tuesday night, Wednesday-friday volunteering 9-5 at an architecture conference, whereever and whenever u c fit, holla at me

Easily you could fit into my world. It sounds like you will need a rest though. At the risk of spoiling a facebook fantasy: I'd like to meet one of these city days.

Happy mother's day to ur ma
& to yours

Thank you
& then a 'Happy Father's Day' in advance, as well.

& remember B&D day
B&D Days can sometimes be wasted taken for granted. B&D Minutes are the best.

hahahah take for granted!!! im cool with that problem
but honestly,
im enjoying every moment with u so far
i remember being.....w,e cause i wana c u and its prolonged
tell me some of ur hobbies....running?
Using my hands.
I'm enjoying these Moments as well.

hand and what coordination?
"I remember being..."
what were going to typr

i have a feeling ur into submission
I'm into balance & most recently- building suspense.

i need to go work out now, what r u up to?
Usually I have a lot of B&D time btwn 10 & 1
Keep well.

Let's bump into each other tonight

I can bump tomorrow and thereafter.

๐Ÿ™‚ whachu doin tonight..

Tmrw night we'll meditate, face2face

You make such wonderful suggestions.

It'll b late night early morning breathing. I'm busy with work till 1030, lets aim for 11 at yonge n dundas

I'll be no good to you at that time--still recovering from last night's breathlessness. Could you consider tomorrow instead?

Haha how hard did u go last night!? Take care yo. I'm sure ur feeling a boost of energy ;D tmrw nights another energy exchange maybe we'll meet at a park, for now e joy this

Energy Exchange Tower: AWOP
process blog: software: hand drawings, photography, model making, rhino, lumion, adobe music: Brainwave Power Music, Sanaciรณn - Nicola ...

Maybe we'll meet at a park. I've seen/enjoyed your film before.

GIrl, the fucks going on with you? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

U wana chill around 230?

can you see that sunset?

No I was indoors, but homeless to make me homefull? I'll keep the biting to a minimal ๐Ÿ˜›

Tomorrow evening/ late Thursday morning/ Friday evening/ the weekend? Sir it's time.

Ur ๐Ÿ™‚

Could you be more specific?

im taking u places saturday night

i work till 6, pick u up at7
whats on ur mind/heart?

I'll be back in the city by 9. Does 9:30 work for you?

ya yo
Very good.

Goods good enough rn

Can we reschedule to Sunday noon?


Where can I meet you, Sunday at noon?

I'll pick u up, where r u going to b?


I'm here

..Namaste old/new soul. The past few days have been spontaneous, trustworthy, rewarding, scary and exhilaratingly breathtaking. The day before yesterday, I slept on the beach over night, pilgrimaging with friends n strangers from bond fire to bind fire to body warmth and life warmth....eventually meeting u again at yonge n eg, where my x lives, irony. Being with u during those hours...gr8ful. So greatful that I went to the gym and shared our story with a close friend, Danny, while working out and breathing with our body weight, we got closer. I got to my parents, told then a bit about u, laughed and fought and deciding to buy a house in Florida, and travel to Banff. Forgive the different tenses in NY vocabulary its what it is n I remember waking up this morning with a clear vision of a lucid dream last night. I was in a conference of all ages, backgrounds talking about ppl and ideas, and I was put on a spot to talk about some guy named venturi, I told them he's an old man with similar beliefs, if only u can connect the dots. And ppl laughed of my mockery why am I telling u this? If ur reading this far u should know on fb its appwrabtly our anniversary since 2011 today! I scrolled down Jr fb page, twice to the bottom, never reached it cause my phone froze haha ๐Ÿ˜‰ for the better. I discovered a few things about u. U r a traveller, gatherer, neo hippie. Who likes free~dome. I stumbled upon ur last name and I googled u ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜‰ no I don't know everything about u nor do I need to, I enjoy learning about Japan, Barcelona and Rome and Australia. I must say, you excite artists. U have no phone or permanent addy? Good for u, wana make a 'tiny house' x2 or 1 n roam? Ya u do. Bless you n the energy around u n around them, happy new year n birthday

Thanks for (co-) making this. , I'm not as patient as you. Thank-you for saving that photoThis is so good it already hurts. Are you an artist? Have fun in Banff & Florida. You know where to find me. You know how I feel. Let's continue.

Hey happy June!
Let's meet up Monday:) how does that sound with u?

I would like that.

Hey what's up? I'm free Monday after 1pm, hbu?
I'm Free. Where, when?

2pm, the island. Meet me on the mainland, we'll ride the ferry together
Let's do that.

You're in my head a lot.

Vising Calgary right now, will b back next week. I miss you! How r u? Xo

Seems like ur snow balling n avalanche. Keep moving. We need each others undivided attention
What does that mean Sir?
Ur expressing ur self
Were Getting closer..๐Ÿ™‚ I don't even know whT u do for a living ๐Ÿ˜› wana share?
You've had a bit too much of my attention lately.

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