Friday, 8 July 2016


It's cute that you are content why I may be out of touch for a little bit. You still haven't told me what the event was, maybe a school reunion? A local barn dance perhaps? Do you take solace in making men feel uncomfortable? Does it make you uncomfortable when men look at you with desire?

So I've been here 9 days, people are so accommodating - I'm on a 12 hour night train going to Yangon (the biggest city) where I'll hook up with my mate who came over from turkey. I am writing this offline of course, but it occurred to me how nice it would be if you were in my cabin and I could ramble on about various bullshit (boxed wine isn't available here) and we could share this time. They treat tourists so well here - it hasn't yet been overwrought with them/me. They gave me a dedicated cabin of 4 sleepers for $10 Canadian. Literally, wish you were here x
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