Sunday, 24 July 2016

A Birthday Piss.  

James, I imagine you being so 'cool' you don't even celebrate your own birthday. it's probably just another day to you......That being said, I still would like to say hello. Hope you're being fun.

Of course I don't celebrate my own life, that's just plain narcissistic - it's all these other people who insist in buying beers and talking to me on a specific day such as yesterday, it's rather draining really - haha. Your name came up with Susan the other day, she wrote to you about something, she wasn't sure how to get hold of you. I got my Aussie passport last week, and I literally just booked my one-way flight to Bangkok for June 4th. Fly Thailand, then Burma, back to London, onto Nice, then Berlin and Roma. Did you ever become a member of cabin crew? Hope you're well darl and thanx for birthday piss xx

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