Wednesday, 22 June 2016

We'll come back to this later.....

I remember walking back to Navona on numerous nights, hoping to find Luca.

Luca Ayari made me a bracelet, but before that, we spent hours walking around Rome one evening. I showed him a spot he had never seen. 

He was impressed that I without thinking, with only talking to him for 5 minutes, would wander with him as if we'd known each other for years. 

"Can I borrow your phone. My roommate will worry about me."

He was impressed with my faith(?).

After that night, I walked back to Navona on numerous occasions hoping to find him.

I always did.

"Do you think you're superman?" He raised his voice three nights later, "Do you think no one can see you?"

It was test.

I wanted to see if he would come to me.

(Kind of like when you're 15 (ok 25) years old on facebook and you want to see if that boy you like, likes you, so when you see that green circle beside his name, instead of saying hello, you wait.)


Girl you need to come of age.

Travelling in Circles.

Time To Go Home.

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