Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Money or The Drugs. The Parties or The Clubs. The EU or AU Citizenship

For me my 'New Years' always begins at the start of summer. That's when I become ALIVE.  As another year comes to an end, I reflect on my regrets & wrong doings and hope that I have learnt the lessons I was meant too & can let go of the things I no longer need.  Like a cleanse you know. 

1. Regret:  Turning Leo into a story. Turning any of them into a story, starting, I guess, with Leo.

Anybody that can get me out of my own head is a trip & I love vacations.  Leo was an artist I met in the market. He was the first man I never talked to. It was intimate.  For me anyways. Staring at Leo, eye-contacting like crazy- the perfect relationship with my self on his sofa.  Thing is though, everybody is everywhere now a days & I'm tired of gypsy love. I never expect anyone to stay. We're nomads & that universal consciousness is constantly calling on us, convincing us to go here and there just to find ourselves. Is spiritual growth just the new-agers term for ____________. So I made him a story- a shitty poem at best. My souvenir.  

So that's why I did it. 

That's why they're all stories.

"It never was about the money or the drugs.

It never was about the party or the clubs."

I just wanted to remember.

More regrets & reflections coming. Maybe. You know me.  I never finish what I start. 

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