Sunday, 12 June 2016

RATIONAL FRIENDS - Let's Be Adults About This

Don't Just Speak What You Think

He's still probably the only man
whose really made us laugh
& on more than one occasion.

You can tell how self-centered a person is 
by the way they swing,
especially by the way they push.

We both knew we needed one, a friend that is, but we didn't want any of the difficulty.

So we broke it down:

1. A friend to celebrate your life. A friend who will be at your birthday party.

But I won't care, unless I know that person.
I have to know them. 
They can't just show up & celebrate.
That's just us having fun. 
We have to a have a past first. 
We have to share a memory.

Friends for Friendship Sake
just get together to create memories.


 -I talk.
-You talk.

Their stories didn't matter.

I promise to remain open to you
& to whoever you become even
if that includes someone I hate
or someone who doesn't want 
to remain open to me.

I will still sit beside you on the bus tomorrow.

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