Tuesday, 22 March 2016


  PLACES & SPACES                  

We have a short haired cat named Rabbit who is our leader.

One of us is a part time student in herbal medicine and works in film and television, the other is a fire spinner and yoga instructor and the other a student and chef.

We are rad folks who are interested in occasional dinner nights, bikes, plants, parties and social justice while keeping up on the cleaning responsibilities. We're social creatures on the weekend, but like to keep the weekdays productive and focused.

About you: Mature, clean, and interested in and/or experienced with collective living. Our collective meals are vegetarian. 

Communication is key -- we try to meet every month to have a house meeting where we get a chance to check in and make sure everyone's needs are being met to the best of our abilities. 

Drop us a line about yourself! 

This house welcomes refugees and hates Donald Trump. :)

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