Thursday, 10 March 2016

Another way to look at the problem is
with the shooting of a bullet into space.

At such a velocity you shoot straight
yet its trajectory-its path-is 
curved to the ground

Back to the Center

At a greater speed it continues to curves
but lands even farther away horizontally.

Theoretically then there is a speed at which 
the bullet never reaches the ground,
circles around & hits its
starting point from behind.

"Last idea to cross her mind
had something to do with where to find..."

(Similar to Galileo's inclined plane experiments)

"...a pair of jeans to fit her butt."

There then is a speed which One
travels horizontally away from it's 
self that starts going around in


Can we reach a certain speed away from our self
that we never return to our centre.
Can we move so fast that we forget how to ground?

Burning her tongue
She's very self-destructive.  

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