Sunday, 14 February 2016


Most of the time we hope that our date will stand us up.

Or if they don't, that we'll be allowed to be there quietly, 
not say a thing, but still engage in them, a sense of

curiosity and interest. We'd like to do nothing
but still want them to put in effort.

We'd like to be attracted to them as well.


A force pushing or pulling us to them.

Normally we wouldn't go anywhere for anyone. 

Now Assume One Will Be Alone Forever

Doesn't One by Definition Imply Alone. 

One is Naturally
Alone. If One is going to be Alone Forever...
What would that relationship look like?
How would one make that relationship work?
That would seem to be very important.
We'd have to start being nice to our self.
"Can't live with our selves any longer."

Most of the times we hope our dates will stand us up.
Or at the very least we could just sit there quietly.

Artwork by: Enoc Perez

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