Friday, 12 February 2016


forget? what do you try to remember?
how far have you been?

Our roots:).... We go way back, fundamental skills, arts n crafts, hunting, permaculture, travelling with our environment..

We know the energy. We tap in and breath it, if u remember ur breathing in the first place since I'm distracting lol... These wild rituals have patterns tongue emoticon
& it's nice to be breathless sometimes. Do pattern free rituals exist?

What takes Jr breath away?
&no, there's always a pattern
what is your favorite wild ritual?

I'm shy sometimes and I'm raw others
Good balance. What would call the in between?

The in between
Sss and ing
Hbu? Some rituals
talking to strangers
let's do this again.
take care.

Wana meet up tn? Talk, tea, walk, smoke, star gaze

That is what I want to do.

How's ur schedule this week

It's not bad. How's yours?

Lol I'm flexible, part time working and looking for jobs, hopefully in south america!:)

I'm not so flexible. My motion depends mostly on the temperature : ) Why magical south america?

: ) not a deep enough question?\

I'm on a journey to c how 'different' ppl do the 'same' thing

that's it?

Yeah grin emoticon
What r u up to?
good question
I just read this: At which point the meaningless dances became holy dances, because the holy dances had become meaningless.

Why would a meaningless dance b holy in the first place? I find comments with the same words flipped a 'hit or miss' concept ...
How do u feel about whatu read? Kinda pointless huh
I like taking things out of context. A tribe of similar people satisfying tourists: a meaningless dance becoming holy.
I like your point.

How do u make a living day by day? Tell me how u mix it up
U know I'm a swim coach, architect without borders and a lover and a joker

I thought I would have seen you face to face, you'd ask that question & I'd tell you I was a nun. Fun. What is the worst part of your day?

Girl u get me hi with ur sober jokes

Does it 'feel good'?

Ya, we're mysterious, tell me something intimate about u n someone and a fantasy

I know nothing about my own self. Intimate with you. How do you know a fantasy for sure. Warm me up. Get me started. Give me an example.

i enjoy our pace
smooth n steady:)))

Oh what a rush. Beautiful but shaky.

I don't know what to give you in return
We don't take turns, go with the waves

What were your needs today? 'Waves follow predictable patterns. They exist only through a disturbance of a medium while oscillating between it 's point of equilibrium.... Back & forth.....' Fun....Do they even have a separate existence. I'd believe in waves.

Waves are charges. As you say oscillating bw two points. So here's the deal about a topic of interest. We start with one point. And then another point. Total now two points? Or a curve connecting the points!? I'm thinking about 'the process of processing a belief'....... To patternize, organize, control. waste of our time. Speaking of time, what do u know of futurism?

I feel like hugs and kisses with you, and a blind fold right now

feel good......from here....... waste?......can there be empty points as well? Holes in the curves? nothing of futurism. Is it linear?

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