Sunday, 10 January 2016

Learn to Listen in 2016.


I know,

I know"

Don't always want to listen; what's being said is sometimes no fun.
For instance, eating even when the body says no.
How does the body say no?

Why do we choose not to listen?

What's more important?

Maybe we can't trust our own body.

What about spirit & mind?

What are we talking about

What does the spirit sound like?
Look like? Feel like?



Supreme self?

Our selfless self?

What are we talking about here?

Whose listening?

Not even talking to our selfs anymore.

Thought about That

the other day.

We listened in,
to our thoughts
& nobody was
talking to us.

Just noise.

Noise we had put
in there our selfs

Well done.

Someone's singing the song
we heard in our CD player
earlier in the day & they
sound great.

Can we trust our spirit?

How will we know our spirit
from our poor influences?

What are we trying to figure out?


Just noise.

Learn to Listen
anyways in 2016.

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