Thursday, 28 January 2016

January in Review : LEOS Need More Sleep

She: You belong in my journal.

Him: You belong in my life.


She: I could write stories about you.

Him: You disappoint me.

Construction Worker Summer

This means Nothing

Him: What can I say? You're irresistible.

It means Everything.

The Everything including the Nothing.

He: Hmm?

She: No. Nothing.
(He, isn't buying.)
She: No. The real kind of Nothing
He really laughs.

Learn to Listen

to your self.
who is speaking.

Follow your passion

Sleep on it.

Story of a wasteful girl.

She made a cuppa coffee.
Took a sip.
Forgot about it.
Down the drain.
4 hours later

8 Parts of Speech

Talking to.....

Usually finish with
'my self' until she realized
that voice inside wasn't actually
talking to her.

 Sir: You need a better way to contact.

A Second Sir (sitting beside her): She's so off the grid.
Sir: What if something happens...

She's been: 

Robbed & Ransacked; Ridiculous.
Alliteration is cheap & they took Nothing
They searched her drawers.
We're a couple of empty souls.
He laughs for real this time.
"Your hair's probably your most valuable possession."

It's true.

He is very insightful. 

A Leo takes pride in her mane.

Once she got a trim & started to cry.

Hair is expensive. 

We'd sell our ....

What would life be like

without any soul?

All we have is Now.

This is pretty painless.

But is there any pleasure?

Soulless Living

What does that mean?

What would life look like without any soul?

I like it.

Nooo, look at it, 

what do you see?

Artists need to be able to look.

If January wanted to learn to listen

February wants to learn how to see.

She thought she was missing Him again.

She missed his writings.
The way he filled in the blanks.
She liked her interpretation 
& perception of his actions, 
words and imagery. 

I can tell you nice things too she said.
No, but you'd really have to mean it.

Don't just pretend.

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