Sunday, 3 January 2016


Do what nature demands.

Get a move on

If you have it in you

No one will give you credit

Don't expect Plato's Republic

Be satisfied with the smallest


Treat the outcome as unimportant

We need work, or else we'll cause you
an outrageous amount of trouble

Give your mind a job to do
else it will find a job to do
& you might not like what it

If we are not actively creating something
then we probably are actively destroying
something else.

Our self.
Our relationship,
Our peace of mind.

It is our job to be creative.

We all need something that help us to forget
our self for a while
to momentarily forget our age, our gender,
our socioeconomic background, our duties,
our failures, and all that we have lost & screwed up.

Creativity can do that.

It's greatest mercy is completely absorbing our attention
for a short and magical spell, relieving us of the dreadful
burden of being who we are. Best of all, at the end of our
creative adventure, we have a souvenir, something we


Art: June Edmonds
Patrick Spills, 2013

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