Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Summer Re-Runs/New Years Resolutions

Make Space. Refill. Let Go. Repeat

At B&D "Headquarters",
We have grown accustom to sharing 
This incredibly misleadingly small Space 
With some larger than life characters,
Particularly our Industrial Engineer.

Begin to arise Here 
As soon New Space 
Becomes available. 

Take for instance, our clean desk.

We always start the year off 
By cleaning clear our office desk 
In aim to make space for a new year 
Of art! crafts! creative writing!
Collage-ing, reading & card making. 
Apparently though a clear & clean desk 
Is co-worker code for,'Okay, let me just put
My industrial engineering routers&rulers right There, since clearly no 
One is using this Empty space.' Just like That our Free Space is Refilled.

Is this the Purpose of Space? 

Make Space. Refill. Let Go. Repeat.

What's the point?

How long has Free Space 

Ambushing been a happening Here? 
Is this Human's nature to seek new space/someone 
Else's space just to fit our stuff? 

Let's enjoy the 

Emptiness of Space
Shall We? 

B&D Resolutions (Expanded):

1. Make More Space

So Next Year
We can feel


2.Learn to Love

Empty Space

(Keep a clean&clear desk year round)

3. Make Free Space for non-denominational 
Winter parties!

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