Saturday, 14 November 2015

Overspending Season Tip: Remember There's...


                          Nothing's Too Good

                            The last time Bruna&Diletta worked in commerical:

                            A neighbour's mother,
                            asked us to be secret shoppers at her garage sale.
                            Paid in Peek Freans & shortbreads
                            We were to walk around & whisper...

                            Oh, Now that's a bargain

                            over the shoulders of skeptical shoppers,
                            as they decided whether
                            to save or splurge 
                            on pieces of crockery.


                            TIP FOR OVERSPENDING: 

                            SECOND HAND STORES 



We'd ever collected, created or cherished
Could easily be considered a knick-knack
at the second hand store down the street.

Nothing's Too Good to be Knick-Knack

Spiritual Statues

...Grammie’s China, 
good only for Company...

                       Everything We had paid for, wanted, held on to,                                                          or reserved for future generations
                         (proof of our work, time & space here),
                          wasn’t worth more than a couple of coins. 

                          Now that's a bargain.

                          OVER SPENDING TIP NUMBER ONE. 

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