Sunday, 8 November 2015

Naturally Indelicate

                                                             " studied. "Nevertheless," he said to himself,  "a nice girl ought to know!"
                                                             And then he came back to the dreadful question of whether this was in fact
                                                             a nice girl.

                                                               Would a nice girl--even allowing for her being a little flirt--make a
                                                               rendezvous with a presumably low-lived foreigner?  The rendezvous in this case 
                                                               had been in broad daylight and in the most crowded corner of Rome; but wasn't
                                                               it possible to regard the choice of these very circumstances as a proof more of                                                                                                                                    vulgarity than of anything else?   Singular though it may seem, He was vexed that the girl,                                                                                                                    in joining her amoroso, shouldn't appear more impatient of his own company, and he was
                                                               vexed precisely because of his inclination.  It was impossible to regard her a  wholly
                                                               unspotted flower- she lacked a certain indispensable fineness; and it would therefore much
                                                               simplify the situation to be able to treat her as the  subject of one of the visitations known
                                                               to romancers as "lawless passions." That she should should seem to wish to get rid of him
                                                               would have helped him to think more lightly of her, just as to be able to think more lightly of
                                                               her would have made her less perplexing.   She  at any rate continued on this occasion to present
                                                               herself as an inscrutable* combination of audacity and innocence. " 

page 51, Daisy Miller
Henry James

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