Friday, 13 November 2015

Can't you just go to another cashier?

Why would I want to? She's young and beautiful and makes me feel like I am too, even though only one of those is true. There is another cashier, she is new. I went to her twice this week, I think she is eastern European. She doesn't say much, and she doesn't react much  either. I pay attention to body language. You know what makes me feel good? When I'm in one of these lines and the cashier sees me and then reacts. Adjusts her clothes, flips her hair, sips some water. I like being the stimulus that encourages the reaction. Anyway, this new one, she has the most beautiful mouth. I wish I could show you, you would understand. Her lips... The way they peak up under her nose.. You know that part is called cupids bow? I'm her psyche. Words don't do it  justice. She has a cleft chin, I bet she hates it. I wonder what it would feel like to touch it with my fingers, or my nose, when tracing the silhouette of her face.

I don't want a mind fuck, in fact I don't enjoy mind fucks. It's like driving a car in a dream, have you ever tried? I wonder if you'll ever speak to me straight up, without the cleverness, without the sentence fragments disguised as art,  without the overt vagueness. Maybe hope is a better word.

D does sound cool, you're right. It sounds sophisticated and feminine. Queen of the hunt, chaste Artemis. Why did you stop laughing?

No gods D, only men.

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