Monday, 27 July 2015

What is the difference between making conversation & having a conversation?

Making conversation sounds like something you do with anyone, something to pass the time, to fill the empty void.

'Shooting the Shit'

Having a conversation implies exclusivity- "Excuse me, we're having a conversation here." 

It implies you actually 
'Give a Shit' 
about what is being said 

What does it take to go from one
extreme to the other?

& the amount 
or lack there of

It wasn't too long ago
when We B&D gave up talking.
Not for any Nietzschian reasoning
but simply because we couldn't
distinguish between anything
that was worth saying
or keeping to ourselves.

Once we sat silently listening to our mates
describe the shitty grade their college professor handed to them and how they went back and argued their way from a 50 to a 55.
Not that we're downplaying the importance of good grades, but man is faced with petty problems everyday which seem so important at the time, yet once they're solved they are simply forgotten.
So why even mention them?

There was a time when Man wouldn't air 
his BS to the world wasn't there?

Now was that grade tale making conversation
or having a conversation?

Perhaps making conversation requires premeditated thought,
a script,
a go to topic.

Having conversation then is no thought required, living in the moment type of action.

More investigations to come.

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