Sunday, 15 March 2015



Coulomb's Law

whenever we make a discovery
we are breathlessly waiting 
for someone 
to name it after us
but it is not in good taste 
to name it after our self

Light Velocity
Only Speed Limit

Direct Proof
of Existence.

Will there be any proof of our existence left?

Who will validate our Being?
What validates our Being,

No proof we were here, or if we even exist.

We are not experimental evidence.

We are too small to be observed
(says quantum mechanics?)

Nature does not care about our common sense,
but created a universe based on subatomic particles
that on routine will reach for the Light.

Perhaps the thought of pioneering new worlds
was all just a pipe dream.

(Meet Minkowski!)

Suddenly everyone was talking about the forth dimension.

Mathematics is simply the bookkeeping
necessary to track what is happening in the picture.

Only a kind union of the two will preserve
any independent reality.

One- defined as its 'almost' collision with another.
Getting infinitely close to another mass without actually touching;
to be One

By assuming that the random collision of trillions
upon trillions of molecules of Water
were causing random motions
of Dust
particles, He was able to compute the size & weight
of atoms thereby giving experimental evidence of their

"Unification Through Symmetry"
Became Einstein's guiding priniciple
the rest of his life.

want to know how God thinks

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