Sunday, 8 February 2015

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"In French, she would be called "la renarde" 
and she would be hunted with only her cunning to protect her."

'Coming of Age'
The Real World Problem

(Solutions in English)

Coming of Age
requires an

New Knowledge
of the Truth
The Good & the Bad;
The Right & the Wrong.

The realization that
neither may truly exist,
but rather a world of
'Better' or 'Worst'
is our only

can be quite scary.

This is
Coming of Age
Into the
Real World:

Realizing there is no right answer at the back of the book
to double check our reasoning.

Humans have reasoning
but how will they know
if they are right?

Coming of Age tells us,
Our truth is always changing.

Therefore must we
be constantly learning.


"Relativity was a big paradigm shift. 
Quantum mechanics was a big paradigm shift. 
So we keep on inventing new realisms. 
They never completely replace the old ideas,
 but they do largely replace them 
with concepts that work better, that describe nature better, 
that are often very unfamiliar, that make people question 
what is meant by “reality.” " 

-Leonard Susskind in American Physicist
July 2011 


Still Thinking...

How far away from our front
doors do we need to travel
in order to be in the real world?

How far away from of our self?

Are we not the real world?

Is coming of age a one-time 'thing'?

Or can it be many times in a life?

If so, what are we doing in between
those moments of coming of age?

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