Sunday, 25 January 2015

Meaningless & Purposeful

Everything is Meaningless, Yet it All Serves a Purpose.
The Purpose of Meaninglessness

We have a meaningless relationship with our barista.
He's not even a babe.
But we've seen him outside of the shop a few times
& we've silently smiled and made some sweet eyes.

So one time at the counter....


How you've been?





Just doing my thing.


Can we be your thing some time?

CHA Right!

As if B&D ever be brave enough for that kind of banal banter.

This made up script however leads us to

wonder about ownership and the ego.

Even with no desire to own anything
(perhaps the sign of an egoless life)
We'd still sometimes think we'd like
to be owned.

Is wanting to be owned a sign of the ego?

Perhaps giving up ownership of one's self
is the most soulful act?

Perhaps we should know what we're really
giving up.

The ego is meaningless
but still serves a purpose.

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