Sunday, 4 January 2015


We Still Have an Ego

These are B&D's year end reviews

inspiring our new year


   "You're Intellectually Freeing."

1 a.) Become intellectually freeing/intellectual free

this year.

Break on through to the other side
and then the other side
and the other side
and then the other side.

Freedom Never Stops.

There will always be something to fight for.

1 b.) Be a Source of Peace for Another.

Be a Source of Peace for the Self.

Even though we will never be balanced
We should still have something for which to strive

Never Balanced 

Always Balancing

2. "Structurelessly Surrealistic"

Make Little Time
To Do What You

Little Time
is the

Do we often neglect
to do what we want
because we 
take too long?

Once we told our students
"Slow down. Take your time"
while completing an art piece.
Student's response:
"I can't. I don't have time."

How sad.

We don't have enough time
to take our time

What are we doing instead?

Sounds preposterous
but perhaps if it is true

we should take what little time
we can afford.

Example: Instead of vowing to read more books (hours),
start by vowing to read just one page (5 minutes)
a day instead.


Strive to Conquer 
The Fear of Being 
Your Self.

Which self?
Who are we being
When we are not being our selfs?

The real self and fake self?

How do you know when you are your self
or the other self?

Can we assume the other self
was created by ourselves.

That is,
The self created self?

Perhaps the fake self is like character we've created
to take over in scary or mind numbing situations,
such as interviews or social gatherings

If there is a self which is self created
(the fake self?)
was our real self, created by something else?

(our past? our roots?)

Guess it doesn't matter.
Or does it?
Do we need to know
our creator
in order to understand
the created.

Why are we so afraid of what was created?

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