Wednesday, 1 October 2014

What the Funk?friday: MATHIE MONDAYS + PROFESSIONAL TOURISM (Real Number Line Trip)

Infinity by Definition: 
The Place & Space
a One Can Never Reach,
Yet is believed to be (a) Real.

Proof By Paradox

Infinity Measured
Seen, Captured, Counted or Reached,
Is (almost) Imaginary

A Fake

If Infinity Were a Real
It would be a Fake

If Infinity Were a Real Then
Which Part of it Could We Reach?

The Beginning of Infinity?

The End?

Can't be.

Meaning of Infinity
Is the Endless.

If We Reach the 
Beginning Of the Infinite 
That too Would Imply
The Existence of An End

What is the Value of Infinity?

The Imaginary

(imaginary numbers? imaginary infinity?)

Infinity's Point
 is Man's Imagination


Think of the Countless
Problems Man has Created
Centered Around Infinity

(Think of all the Solutions)

How Can it Exist?
How Can it Be Real?

Perhaps By this Point:


Every Point Between
Here & Infinity 
Is Connected

The Infinite Exists

A Here Implies a There

Now is the Point

If Now wasn't Here
There'd be No Infinite

Every point between
Here & Infinity 
Is Connected



Every point between
Here & Infinity 
Is Connected
Perhaps by a
Line of Best Fit?
Eff a Line of Best Fit.
Eff Making This All Connect.

Why Does Now Have 
To Fit so Perfectly?
Now Doesn't Travel 
According to Plan.

"Evolution of Here"

Here is the Time 
We wished We 
Went There

The Point
We are Missing

We, Place Values

We Place Values
on the Real

Our Distance Time Graph

We the Place Values

In a NumberLess Life

What Would Be Our Function

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