Friday, 12 September 2014

Friendless at TwentyFive (What the Funk? Friday)

“We must become so alone, (nothing), so utterly alone, that we withdraw into Our innermost self. It is a way of bitter suffering. But then our Solitude is overcome, we are no longer alone, for we find that our Innermost Self is the Spirit, the Indivisible. And suddenly we find Ourselves in the midst of the world, yet undisturbed by its Multiplicity, for our innermost soul we know Ourselves to be One With all being (infinity)” 

Never had much luck with friends before.
Perhaps that is why We Favor Strangers
So strongly.

When We find Ourselves friendless at 25
We must stop to ask ourselves why.

Maybe We have the wrong

This is a B&D search for the meaning of friendship

(Through talks with strangers)

Stranger from Street: 

Do you have many friends?


What do you mean by friend?


When a considerable amount of time passes
A friend will call to stay connected

Friendless at 25 For This Reason: 
Diletta never called anybody. 
What if they were busy? 
She feared.

'So Today We found our friends
& they are in our heads.'

Keep in mind

Some friends need space
This is how they operate
They disappear for a bit
Then come back when they can.
The reason why they return
is most crucial.

Stranger from Studio:

Would you consider me a friend?


What do you mean by a friend?

Stranger from studio:

Well I have friends/family on facebook
in Portugal who actually
miss me. Then friends
from highschool
who don't
know I exist.


More space 
Makes it easier to Miss

(a part of you is missing)

Kindergarten Stranger: 

A friend is someone I would invite to my birthday party.


A friend is someone we want
to celebrate our existence with.

...With the option of Space.


If We grew up in a different environment
We'd be a completely different person

If Environment grew up
With a different Us
It be a completely
Different Space.

We're such aliens.
We're the Ones who can't stay still
Sending Spaceships & signals.
Searching for somewhere else.

Our soul is the universe.

& What are We looking for
Out There
In that space?


Searching for some thing 
to satisfy our interest?

Something new we can study, 
Dissect and discover
& then fight over.
If we found some space
Obviously everyone else
Would want a piece.

Space is a good investment

Looking for something to own.

Looking for something to fight over.


Not necessarily the same


Not trying to be different


Not One of a Kind
A Kind implies more than One. 

A unique part of something?

A Piece of the Whole

Friendless at Twenty Five
For This Reason:

We're Not a Piece of a Whole

B&D's Search for the Meaning of  Friendship
With Strangers (Still in the Works)

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