Saturday, 30 August 2014

Quote: Browning  Photo Source: NASA

Once B&D were told 'this was the year for our horoscope sign'. Yes! 'We were one of the lucky ones'. Anything We wanted We could surely manifest & it was suggested We spend serious time carefully deciding just exactly what it was We wanted. 'This was Our Time.'

"We want..." We thought.
"We want..." We struggled to make up our monkey mind.
"We want..." We tried once more before realizing this state of wanting was the last thing we actually desired. If we could have anything we wanted, it would be to want nothing. We wouldn't want to want. 

B: How long can satisfaction last?
D: How long can We give grace?

Say Nothing but Thank You.

Okay, Made Up Our Mind:

If anything, We'd want to always be grateful.
To be so grateful for This.
We want to continue believing We are lucky.



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