Tuesday, 19 August 2014


What is the difference between
Creation & Production?

Where does art exist?

Is art the combination of the two?

Is Art 
-a part of the set containing only creation
-a part of the set containing only production?

Or perhaps art is the set containing
Creation and Production
Plus infinitely many
other possibilities.

So what?

So what do we call
creation & production

Purpose of combining
Creation & production?

Production: All We Need is Less
Creation: Left Us Wanting More

Leave Us Wanting More
All We Need is Less

Compassionate Consumption
(coming soon)

What have you to fear?

Fear to Love
Afraid We'll Love


We use Love as Distraction
So We Don't Have To Do
Our Work

Compassionate Consumption
(coming soon)

Could We Create
Throw Out
What We Create
& Then Still
Call it Art?

Does art exist if no one else can see?

Do We need to share our art with others?
Does it need to be produced for everyone?
Does it need to be a product in order 

For it to be designated art?

What is the point of Inspiration?
Doesn't it need to come out?


We'd be so Selfish if We didn't share.

Whose opinion determines
That which is worthy enough
To be shared?

What value does your art have
Out Here?

Is your Inspiration
Good Stuff for Us
Outside of your
Little world?

Our Art is Our Responsibility

If you're gonna do it, do it well.
(Art Wellness Coming Soon)

We're sharing.
We're putting something out there.
Creating an art environment.

An Ideal Art Environment:

Can not be polluted.
If too many of the same
Roots take hold,
The art population will be
Over polluted with the same
Art species & only one
Art speciMan
May dominate.


Balance your Art
with Originality

Finitely infinite

Don't share what's already out there.
If anything help distribute what's already here.

Maybe We should have been art distributors instead?

Maybe this is where Creation & Production
gets all muffed up.

Art distribution.

Not art creation.
Not art production.

Distributing Art Already Here.

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