Thursday, 17 July 2014

Not Well Copied

" Sir, have you been to prison?
Not you, Sir, personally.
Have you just visited a prison?
If you have visited a prison you will have seen that they are expanding the walls.
Bigger rooms, bigger prisons, more and more. But you are still within a prison.

And We are like that. We live within the prison of our thinking. With our misery,
Our culture, saying "We hate this, We like this and We do not like that, We love 
This and not that", and so on. We live within this prison.

So the question arises
"Is it possible to live in this world, completely doing our job, doing everything 
with tremendous vitality, without the memory of this world we've created
And knowing that to live in this world we need memory."  You see this, Sir? 
You need memory to go to the office, to function there.  You need memory,
And yet to be free of the memory which creates this prison. See the difficulty?  "

-Taking Krishna Out of Context

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