Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lesson One: Notes

A Lesson from B

(We show her a photo We "love")

Doesn’t this look 
like something We could make

and easily recreate?



(in a ‘So What?’ way)
Why would you want to recreate it?

(Recreating is not the same being creative…)
(Maybe We're just recreational artists)


This is the


But Why do We Need a Copy

So we can Own it
So it can be Ours


But we're all 
Only just One

(Proof -> Here)

Why does it have
to be Ours?

Why does it have to be Us.
Do We need to own what We already are.
By wanting it to be ours
We create a difference,

Do We really need to own 
What we already are?

Own It!
They'll say.
Take pride
In What We Are.
This is the Ego?

Say We don’t own it
Can We be who we are 

Without any ownership
Without any control

Life is Out of Control
& Out of our Hands

Can We Be who We are 
Without any Ownership

Can We Be Free People

Surrender your Self
Let your Self Be
Leave your Self Alone

We are it
But We Don’t
Own it
We don’t own what it is
We are Free.

We are Free People



"One thing I can tell you
Is you got to Be Free:
Come Together

Right Now"

How to Be Free
By The Beatles

In order to come together
We can’t own our Self
We need to be free
If We own our Self

-There is a part of this whole 
Which We own
-Then also there must be a part 
which We don’t.

The part (of our Self) that We don’t own? 

Who does it belong to?
Are We still responsible for it?
Is it our problem?

If not
Are We someone else’s problem?

(Hope so, maybe.)

Will someone else
then be Our

Another self?

Which One?

In order to be free
We can’t be free from you

Free doesn't mean farther apart.
Free means closer together.

(A little counter intuitive when We hear phrases as such: 
"Finally free of her", 
"Free of that job",
"...of school", 
"free of that past, 
that We can Now put it behind us". 
We can put some space in between us & that which owns us/ controls us?)

Space is not freedom. 

“We need more space!”

The moment We’re Out of space 
and return to where We started
We are under it’s control. 
The pain is back. 
The memory is there. 
The pain is there.

Second Lesson From B

"Don’t waste your memory on that"

iMan agrees:

Yes, careful what you waste your memory on.

You're not built like computers

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