Sunday, 27 July 2014

Adult Learning

A Change in Behavior
Due to Experience

There are three types of No Ones:

1. Motivated- Ones who want to be "Here"
2. Prisoners- Ones who have to be "Here"
3. Vacationers- Ones who want to escape
                over "There", they take any   
                opportunity to be "Here"

Regardless, every(No)One needs Value.
"What is the value of this?"
"What is the purpose?"
Every(No)One will
eventually ask.

A purpose needs to be accomplished,
But a direction isn't always required.

 The Criteria To Be "Called"

The purpose & value of the No One is to be called. That is, to be called a Some One.


What they are called can be constantly changing.

Their purpose needs to be accomplished,
but direction isn't always required.

The Motivated:

"Well, We're usually wrong
So let's just keep

The Prisoner:

"No, We don't need
extra time to do
what you tell Us
to do."

The Vacationer:

"There's nothing out 'there'
but chicks in blue jeans
& 'Hey, what are you doing
Friday night?'"

 -The Inventory of Being

(Just Another Incomplete Assignment By: B&D)

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