Friday, 20 June 2014

What the Funk? Friday (Scenes With Unanimastic?/ Inanimate Characters)

Him to Her (after She dressed):


"What is this Carnival?"

(B&D once knew an artist
who gave up color
for true love.)

"We love you 
more than

She'd probably respond.

All We Need is Less

"It's not going To Be
as animated as before."

"No Color.
No Nothing."

All We Need is Less
(but maybe We can't live without color?)


A B&D Summer Proof Project:

Can We Live Without Color?

Preliminary Thoughts:

Proof of Life 
is in Color. 
Color is Light. 
Proof of Life 
is in the Light.



1. To give natural life to; to make alive;to quicken; as, the soul animates the body.

2. To give powers to, or to heighten the powers or effect of ; as, to animate the lyre.

3. To give spirit or vigor to; to stimulate or incite; to inspirit; to rouse; to enliven

Assuming without color,
it will not be as 
animated as before,
can We assume
Color is Life/
Color gives Us Life?


That's probably over-stretching it a bit.
But it's a start... 

What summer projects are you 
starting this year?

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