Friday, 13 June 2014


Morning Found Us
Calmly Unaware.

Noon Burned Gold
Into Our Hair

At Night, We Swim
The Laughin' Sea

When Summer's Gone
Where Will We Be?

Summer (Definition):

So Much Time
So Little To-Do

Hammock in Leather Pants
Grow Out Hair
Beach Comb
Kite Fly
Record Change
Waterfall Wonder

Jeans-into-Shorts Cutting
Find Shade for Toe Stretching
Bare Feet Heat Exhaustion
Back Seat Silent Stranger
Sailboat Fantasies
Straw Hat Wearings

Skinny Dipping

Summer's Almost Gone

Summer Stupidity Number One

Thinking This
Time is Forever

Start Now

Summer's Almost Gone

How To Have
More Summer Time:

The 4:10 AM

By B&D

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