Wednesday, 30 April 2014

In Between Projects Right Now, Please Come Again

B&D: Let's Get Lost Together, at Least

We landed


without a map.

A Map-less Life

It seems We
to get

To lose our path,
to forget
where We're going,
to not know where
We're going to next.

Life without a map
is maybe
our most natural state 

without dreams
is just reality

Dream Chasing

It seems We're Lost
unless We're Chasing the Dream.

No purpose unless there's
a certain point
We want to reach.

Once We reach
Our destination
How long can We stay?

How long will it take
before the destination
becomes our new starting
point of departure?

Chasing Dreams
from one to the next.
But what if We don't connect?
What if We miss the flight
from one dream to the next
& are stuck in the 
'in between'?

Maybe our identity
lies in that space
'in between'

when We're

living without a map.

(To be Completed)

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