Monday, 24 March 2014

Mathie Monday

Binary Relations

In most relationships there is an 
independent variable
and a dependent variable.

One is always a tad more needy
while the other is a little more needed.

These roles can intermittently change and be reversed throughout the course of the relationship
but their presence is always felt.

It is common for most Monday Mathies
to refer to the independent variable as X
and the independent variable as Y.

From the untrained eye it may appear
that independent 'X' can choose to do & be 
whatever value it likes.
Doesn't even ask Y
for permission.
Leaving poor old dependable 'Y'
to follow along with whatever
crazy old 'X' wanted to do
or be that day.

"Why can't 'Y' just be called 'X'!"
Dependent defenders will shout.

But you see Mathies,
it doesn't matter what
We call X or Y.
Their names,
Their identities,
don't really have a


each other.

It's their Function
that really matters.

It's their Relationship
with one another
which defines them 
& gives them


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