Friday, 21 March 2014

Can't Believe Without The Cat (A Friday Feast)

Can't Believe Without The Cat

Do We all remember
the tall tale about the 
temple filled with believers
who arrived every morning
to pray & do all those things 
that believers do.

every morning
a pesky lil' kitty cat
would also wonder into said temple
& disrupt all of those devoted believers
so much so, the highest priest
would have to stop everything
and carry the cat outside.

This ritual continued 
day in day out.
Cat comes in
Cat is carried out
The people continue to pray.

Cat in
Cat out
to pray.

Years & Years 
had passed, new believers came and went
all the while the cat continued to play its crucial

One morning,
the cat committed suicide
(or was hit by a car, who knows)
and no longer made it's temple

The believers were cat-less.

"How can We properly pray
if We don't first carry out a cat?"
they wondered.

the power of ritualistic

Another prime example of tradition
trumping the people.

Not that B&D
have anything against
In fact
Friday Feasts
began one year ago
with Kale for the Catholics
(recipe found Here)
and We continue 
that tradition today with:

Creamy Collard Barley Risotto 

Barley being a source of protein, iron & fiber
is all We will ever need for a filling 
Friday Feast...

...that and...

-one big bunch of spinach
or collard greens
(washed and finely chopped)

-one large onion chopped

-two-three cloves of garlic chopped

& a couple swigs of olive oil.


In a large pot
filled with boiling water
add 1 & 1/2 cups
of barley 
and cook 'til soft
(usually 45 minutes).

Then drain excess liquid and set aside.

In a pan,
sautee onions, garlic 
then greens in olive oil.

Add in your cooked barley

Season with salt and pepper
to taste.

Enjoy and eat up 
vegetarians and cat lovers!

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