Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Art of a Low Attention Span

Scratching it Out:

We Are Not Our Low Attention Spans 

Midterms in the midst, term paper tribulations towering overhead, plus a countless supply of poppycock blog postings to proof read, have rendered the associates at Bruna&Diletta Headquarters with a deadly case of 'in one ear, out the other' syndrome.  Major symptom: reading complete pages of writing only to arrive at the end of the prose having no clue what We just read. Instead of rereading with a renewed sense of concentration and focus, B&D say, to heck with that, and decide to celebrate our distracted-ness with a new DIY We call:

The Art of a Low Attention Span

You'll Need:

A page of writing
A black Sharpie
Attention span of a two year old

Step One:

Find a piece of literature you can't read through once without wondering whether or not you turned off the tea kettle, how many calories were consumed in that red velvet cupcake or if Colin Farrel would really be as attractive without his Irish accent and permanent distillery scent.

(We've chosen this editorial on singer/song writer Feist, from Elle Magazine UK )


Step Two:

Shorten the passage to suit your low attention span needs by scratching out any sentences that just can't seem to stick. Less is More

Step 3: Frame and feel free from the shame of living with a low attention span.

"I can roll my eyes at myself
The Reminder
Tempered with hints of 
Heart Grabbing
Holy Shit Moments


Anonymous said...

Lindsay, this is beautiful.

- Lauren

Bruna Diletta said...

Love that you're Here, Lauren

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