Saturday, 30 November 2013

What the Funk? Friday (Working on a Saturday)

What the Funk? Friday

Usually, What the Funk? Fridays
Are reserved for Library Loans
Of Feature Foreign Films & Music
(& are usually only written on Fridays)
However Diletta’s become disgusted
with a laissez faire lifestyle.
Decides, We should be working harder,
Using our short term Here, wisely.

Thus, this week’s What the Funk? Friday 
(on Saturday) purpose is:

Write Your Own Film & Make Your Own Popcorn!

Short Film Submissions:

Regardless of whether it is good or no good,
write a short film (or at the very least a scene).
A scene may lead to a page, 
a page may lead to a new sheet of paper 
and a sheet of paper may lead to painting,
because sometimes We can become brute & bored with writing 
and think maybe We’d be better suited as the art director 
on this little film set of ours instead. 


Only after We’ve completed our own adaptation of a Film
Will we truly appreciate the sweet taste of 
cracked pepper lime popcorn.

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