Monday, 18 November 2013

First Difference Continued

First Difference Continued

(*Note: Ayari would not appreciate being referred to as a ‘Want-To-Be.’ He’d say He were a Warrior. Thus He will be referred to as Ayari or Warrior for Now.)

A Roman Warrior in the same long distance situation would scribble

“You For Me Still Exist” & We will completely miss his meaning.


“You For Me Still Exist”

Roman Warrior:

You for me still exist.



Thank you. It is good To Be somewhere.

How are you today?

Roman Warrior:


I am a Warrior

Always Go Forward.

B&D deducing:

Peace is in the Present?

We’d like to stay, Here, then.

Roman Warrior:

Me too a peacemaker.

Much peacemaker.

For me who do not remember

The Past

Does not even remember

The Future



We’d like

To Stay.

Roman Warrior, realizing our communication complications

Tries to get straight to the point:

Listen Good.

I have never considered

You any persons

& I continuou to do this

Despite the distance

Despite that we do not hear

Despite that passing years & years

I still continuo a consider

You Special Persons..

With the hope that one day

We’ll live

That Remained in the Middle Between.

Accept a person with his defaults, flaws

It is beautiful thing

& me

I accept yous already.


Accepting the Unknown

That is a lot of Peace.

Thank you.

“You for Me Still Exist.” That is what a Roman Warrior will write after years of no communication and We will miss His meaning completely.

Accepting the Unknown.
We are the Unknown.
Accepting our

This Must be Peace.

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