Monday, 25 November 2013

Monday Mundanes

Monday Mundanes

We defend our

Hell so hard

We never want

To leave.


The Escape Plan:


Write down everything

We think We are.

Immediately scratch it out*.

What will We have left?



Inside Identity?



In order to leave

We must go inside?

Does this make any





*Scratching Out (defn): admitting we are wrong.

‘I am wrong’ changes everything.

Freedom from Knowing for sure.

Infinite possibility



“And the beauty is that he has not given you anything. The wings are yours, the energy to fly is yours, the sky is yours as much as the master’s he has not given you anything. But still he has given you a lot. Courage...the possibility of trust, of going on a new adventure, of going into the unknown.”

 -The Path of Paradox


Rather defend our own hell

Than believe in paradise

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