Monday, 25 November 2013

R-Mantic Monday

R-mantic Monday

There will always be a place in our heart

It’s time We discuss them in detail

Beginning with a Distinguishing


First Difference:

After years of no communication a Roman Soldier would write:

“Completely Yours” on a card attached to daisies.

Straight Forward & to the ‘Point.’

In the future

B&D will walk with

Our arms wrapped with an other,

When said Roman Soldier appears.

We will introduce Him to our

Armed an other

In such a manner:

“Roman Soldier, this is ________.”

“________, this is our Roman Soldier.”

Later on, ___________, will ask:

What did that mean?

Who is He?


Who? Roman Soldier?


Yes. You have a Roman Soldier?

What does that mean?

Who is He to Yous?

Is He your Brother,


I’d like to know.


Why would We give him another


We accept Him as is.

“Completely Yours.”

Yes. That is what a Roman Soldier would Say

After times of no communication;

Straight forward and to the point.

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