Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday Fakes Part I

Pensions For Passions

We're afraid We won't achieve the goals, We don't even have.

We have no passion except for what our parents tell us to do.

However after graduating with some 'degree' of a secured future they stopped giving direction except, "Work now, 'til you collect your pension."

Our Pension isn't our Passion.

Maybe it's time for new goals,
New To-Dos,
New Status Updates.

But when our To-Dos become our To-Dones
We'll have to start all over again 
& this endless cycle will never end.

Chasing is better than the Getting
Happiness is the path not the destination.

If only We could have one To-Do,
that We never actually achieve,
Then our life would be simpler.

Dream Big or Listen to the Parentals.

Less Pensions, More Passions.       

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