Thursday, 29 August 2013

Wake Up Assuming Purpose

Wake Up Assuming Purpose

(A Mantra Debate)



(Staffroom. Mantra Matt, Industrial Engineer & B&D are seated at table.)


After yesterday’s staff meeting, Mantra Matt (the Office Meditator), is convinced the first five minutes of the day, should now be dedicated to meditating on our new found resolution:



Wake up Assuming Purpose



Mantra Matt:


Well, if We wake up at X o’clock without knowing a purpose, first thing We should do is meditate for five minutes using the mantra: We have purpose, We have purpose...





Wonderful suggestion, but won’t it be a bit too noisy around B&D Headquarters if We have everyone babbling about. Besides, it’s counter intuitive. If We know We have purpose, why would We need to repeatedly remind ourselves?


However in the spirit of compromise, What if We do one “We have purpose” followed by five minutes of peace & quiet “meditative” listening. 


What do you think, Industrial Engineer?


B&D’s Industrial Engineer

(annoyed as usual at our La-Di-Da-ness):


Yeah, We have Things-To-Do.

We don’t have to time

To ‘listen’ for the ‘purpose’


Mantra Matt (never minds the Industrial Engineer’s Tone):


How do you know what To Do, if you don’t already know the purpose?



Industrial Engineer


Because things just need to get done.



Park picnics need to be planned

& big bills need to be paid.



Those first five minutes should be spent in review

Of our ‘Things To Dos’

Never Mind all this listening.



B&D (terrified at the thought) think to themselves


Things To Do = The Purpose?


Yes We have bills to pay.

That is what We have to do today,

But surely that is not the purpose.

What if Though


Things To Do > The purpose?

Mantra Matt as if reading our Minds


Well here’s a solution.


We can all spare those first five minutes

To Listen & Learn.


At the end,

If there’s no purpose

We’ll start our To-Dos



How does that suit you?


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