Thursday, 8 August 2013


UnWanted James, successfully escapes to South Asia, & still finds time to message. This is sweet.

UnWanted James writes:
“Where are you? What is your status? I'm in MANila now, leaving aUS ASAP, I pick up my passport in December and immediately leaving, had enough of the vacuous, over-price, spoiled people there, gorgeous landscape, but the people let it down. Will be in Ecuador mid-late 2014. What are your movements, hope you're well. UWJ”

How's Manila? So much better now, that you've completely forgotten about all of life's spoils?
Hope so.
Tell us about Ecuador.
Keep in touch James.
We’re shy, but enjoy your conversations.

Fair Well


UnWanted James:

You're always so polite B&D
Man.  is quite a sad “US” component of big business, quest for 'progress' via moneterary gain and acquisitions  (80%+ certainly of the middle class - a hugely growing sector) are overweight and elitist, now with their SUV's blacked out windows and air-conditioning, they can afford to be disconnected from the masses and the reality of 100 million in this Place that have an average salary of $2,400 per annum
So to conclude, I find it not dissimilar to Brazil which is a shit society, made up of dollar chasing, snobbery and a completely dysfunctional government and one of the highest gaps between the 'haves' and 'have nots'

Do you have much Peace James?

UnWanted James:

Peace Is For Whimps

(Status: Stage One, Still Incomplete.)

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