Monday, 5 August 2013

Goa Time Has Come & Gone

Goa Time has Come & Gone

The Art of Waiting is Over

Bride in Bondi Bus Shelter

The Art of Waiting is What We Finally Get

At long last, Bruna&Diletta’s favorite Life Contributor

Writing a new Photo Journal Log,
We sit patiently with high hopes,
That She’ll soon decide to share it with Us all.

‘Til then, She writes
(& We reword)
a tiny sneak peak

Time Is Timeless in Goa

The bus may say,
“Yes, We will be there
at half past nine.”
But will actually arrive around eleven.
“Well, you know...
there was some rain.”

Surprise, Surprise:

Passenger’s keep Peace.
Everyone is groovy.

This is Monsoon Season in Goa.

It's best to
Go with the flow
While You’re Here.

Keep a Summer’s Watch

-   The Life Contributor
on Travel & Business
In India (our new motto?)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A watched pot never boils! Patience dear B & D!
Right now am mixing mind over matter ... as a chess nut at the ChessNut Residence Hotel. No guesses why the line between insanity and sanity is so thin! Your Bondi bride picture is amazing...has a sense of timelessness!

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