Saturday, 24 August 2013

Full of Shame Saturday: All We See is Black

Full of Shame Saturday:

“All you See is Black”

Freedom to Chains

B&D Interview Our
Young Offender

(Yes, He had offended Us)

Wearing our grandmother’s necklace
We asked Him how & why He had it.

“It’s not a necklace,” the culprit seems tiffed but continues, “It’s a chain.”

(Remember: Art of Talking to Strangers Tip: At Least Learn Their Language)

“Apologies, Sir. Why are you wearing that chain.”

Culprit proudly, “Everybody wears this chain. BigBoy-Z wears this chain.”

“Whose BigBoy-Z?”

The accused laughs at our pop art ignorance.

Suddenly We understand. “Oh. He is someone you look up to? He is someone you follow?”

Culprit uncomfortably chuckles.

B&D continue questioning, “What about you? If We wanted to follow you, what would We have to wear?”





Pride makes a comeback.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone knows, you seem me on the street Ima all black.

All you see is Black.”

“But Sir, We did see you on the street and all We saw was that BigBoyZ chain around your neck.”

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