Wednesday, 28 August 2013

End of Month Meetings

“What’s your business here?”

(Detained @ Airport Customs, B&D quickly learn the value of travelling with a valid passport & purpose.)


An End of Month Meeting

We don’t normally call company meetings

Based on the Assumption:

We should all know what We’re doing ‘here’.

However, it’s been brought to our ‘attention’

that We at ‘B&D Headquarters’,

have been really fudging up within the first five minutes of each day.

Unfortunately, this calls for an

End of Month Meeting on Time-Scheduling

(A Reflection & Review on Responsibilities)

All members of B&DLife are expected to

Wake up at X o’clock to complete a B&D purpose.


Pardon our French

But that is it.
Those are our responsibilities.

Now Here’s

The Fudge Up

Unless We (at B&D Headquarters) previously know said purpose & the time at which purposeful behavior begins, We may not be so eager to start the first five minutes of the day on time. In fact, We might be tempted to sleep away those first five minutes. What a waste We reckon, but how do we do overcome this? How do We start when We don’t know the purpose?

Solutions/Suggestions from the Staffroom:

Perrone, of course conjures up the philosophical approach to our dilemma,

“...the purpose should be whatever purpose We give it.”

Thanks Perrone, now We have to create our own purpose?

Do you know how creative one has to be to think of a purpose everyday at X o’clock in the morning?

That’s quite enough of that.

Let’s go back to basics shall We & review our original B&D assumption:

Everyone should know what they’re doing here.

That’s right.

It’s assumed that you know.


Wake Up at X o’clock,


to complete a purpose.

When in doubt


And get started.

(recall, life isn’t free time)

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