Thursday, 8 August 2013

ART (enhancing) DRUGS


Find a Supply

To: Perrone

Subject: Have a  Supply?

Do you have much Peace Perrone?



Subject: Supply?

No peace at all.

But I am reasonably writecabd speak spanish...can save my  life  in Italian and French. It is in English that I have trouble communicating my thoughts.

 I can keep quiet in every language, if that helps.

In answer to your question...No...I do not have much peace. idea how  to find begin finding it or what it would feel like if I did find it

Do you have much Peace?

A Good Perrone is Priceless.

With no preconceptions of peace
There are infinite perspectives of what it may be.
It could be anything now.
Even Perrone’s Choice.

Perhaps this is our Peace.

Perrone’s so good at this.

Choices as Peace?
Choosing Peace?

(That being said, We still haven't found our supply. Therefore, We continue.)

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